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Bindery Management/Quality Control

"Quest for Quality Standards Aids a Company and its Customers" - Explanation of ISO process, why it is being implemented at Bindagraphics, and benefits to customers.

"There are a Number of Reasons Printers Hate Trade Binderies" - Frustrations printers have in working with trade binders.

"Why Should Printers Love Their Trade Binderies?" - The benefits of using a trade binder and developing relationship with them.

"An Overview of What's New in the Binding and Finishing Industry" - What's available in electronic make ready.

"The Other Side of the Coin: Why Trade Binders Dislike Printers" - Frustrations trade binders have with printers.

"A Look at What's Happening on the West Coast" - Explanation of Bindathon tours, comparison of East Coast and West Coast binderies.

"Print '97 Update" - An update on the Print '97 trade show held in Chicago in September. What's new in the industry.

"Taking the Mystery Out of ISO" - Explanation of what ISO is, what it takes to become registered, common misconceptions, benefits, etc.

"Will There Be a Bindery in the Future?" - Overview of the new NPES study and interesting findings about the bindery industry.

"Whatever Happened to Trade Customs for Binders and Finishers?" - How the business is run, ideas for handling it better, printer/binder relationships, recommended trade customs.

"Who Handles What These Days?" - The complexity of how the business is run today. Who to call for what.

Discussion of printers and bringing binding in-house.

"To Expand or Not to Expand?" - Discussion of the pros and cons of expansion, what it takes, issues to consider, Bindagraphics' expansion into the South.

"Y2K - Are You Ready?" - A discussion of Y2K, how it affects the bindery, how we're preparing for it, possible implications.

"Education in the Bindery World" - Discussion about lack of info available in the binding industry. Overview of T.J. Tedesco's book containing trade article compilation.

"Traveling to an Overseas Equipment Manufacturer can be Beneficial" - Discussion of the value in traveling to other binders and finishers, suppliers, etc. Overview of trip to KEPES, Inc. in Germany, their new equipment, etc.

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