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"Entering the Third Dimension: Embossing and Foil Stamping" - Basic overview, definitions, considerations, etc.

"Nothing Beats Film Lamination for a Durable, High Gloss Finish" - Basic overview, definitions, considerations, etc.

"The Do's and Don'ts of Foil Stamping" - Tips on effective foil stamping.

"How'd They Do That?" - Holograms, magnetic stripes, scratch-offs.

"Pantone's Foil Stamping Color Guide: A New Industry Milestone" - Overview, benefits, quality control, etc.

"The Ins and Outs of Stamping and Embossing Dies" - Thoughts on the incredible impact of embossing and debossing in the printing process. An overview of the various dies, the differences, and how they are used.

"Presentation Folders - A Simple Idea with a Multitude of Options" - Overview of pocket folders, tips for planning a pocket folder job, options available, etc.

"Overprinting Foil Can Add Value to a Finishing Job" - A look at one of the specialties of foil stamping referred to as overprinting foil. Tips on how this technique can add a unique and eye-catching flare to your foil job.

"The Basics of Film Laminating" - An updated look at the basics of film laminating. Reviews the A,B,C's of film laminating and provides tips to make your next job as smooth as possible.

"Beyond Typical Foil Stamping: Holograms, Magnetic Stripes, and Scratch-Offs" - An in-depth look at specialty foil stamping techniques, how they're accomplished, and the pros and cons of each technique.

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