What assurance does this give you, our customer, for us to be ISO 9001: 2008 Edition Registered?


  • A Quality System that provides internationally accepted and measurable standards of quality.

  • Provides you with the comfort of knowing your jobs are consistently handled with the guidelines set forth in the system.

  • Regular audits are done by internationally accredited registrars (BSI - British Standards Institute) to ensure adherence to the documented quality system.

  • A commitment to continuous improvement.



Some little known facts about registration.


  • Bindagraphics is the first trade bindery in the United States to earn ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

  • Bindagraphics took nearly two years to achieve certification.

  • Some 150,000 companies worldwide are certified. Approximately 15,000 are U.S. companies.



ISO 9001: 2008 Edition REGISTERED


Bindagraphics, Inc., a full-service trade binder and finisher, is pleased to announce that the company's quality management system is now ISO 9001:2008 Edition registered by the internationally accredited registrar, BSI (British Standards Institute). The ISO 9000 series is a quality system that provides internationally accepted and measurable standards of quality. The company is the first trade binder in the United States to become ISO registered. Nearly 150,000 companies in the world are registered. Of those, approximately 15,000 are U.S. companies.


Every level of the company needed to participate in the certification process. Each department was required to produce documented procedures and detailed work instructions for all of its operations. Once that work was completed, the company underwent an assessment by BSI auditors to ensure that all of the systems were complete and consistently applied during operations. The company will be audited by BSI every six months to ensure it is adhering to the documented quality system.


"Although attaining ISO registration has been a time-consuming, expensive process, many hours of departmental and company meetings, outside training and consultation, full-time employment of an ISO administrator, registration fees, the long-term benefits have been phenomenal. Spoilage is down and customer satisfaction is up. There is no doubt that both the time and money invested have been well worth it. I really believe it will make Bindagraphics the best full-service bindery in the business. Our goal is to give the attention and care that a small bindery offers but on a larger scale," says company president, Marty Anson.


ISO registration is a growing trend in nearly every industry today. Its requirements provide customers with the comfort of knowing that their jobs are consistently handled with the guidelines set forth in the system. As a result, in some industries, customers are requiring their vendors be ISO registered. Marc Van Camp, ISO Administrator states, "Our quality system is in place to detect and expose problems that occur and requires us to address and modify our system accordingly. This continuous improvement process is the vehicle that will help us achieve a defect-free system."


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