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"Beyond Finishing: Ink Jetting" - Features, flexibility, postal barcoding, benefits to direct marketers.

"Adding Fulfillment Makes Sense" - Storing and mailing products directly to end-users (after the initial job has been bound and mailed as new orders come in), inventory management, on-line communications, ink-jet labeling, complete mailing services.

"You Can Save your Customers Big Bucks with Bulk-Mail Discounts" - Classification Reform, mail preparation and sortation, 'node' facilities, cost savings for mail that is properly sorted, etc.

"Keeping Up with Changes in the USPS" - An update on USPS regulations. Two of the more recent changes that affect the printing industry.

"Understanding USPS Regulations Can Mean Considerable Savings To Your Customers" - Overview of USPS regulations, emphasis on searching for a mail house that will maximize savings, bulk mail discounts, tips on mailing design, packaging, and shipping options.

"Ink-Jet Imaging—A Natural Fit for Finishing" - A review of the basics of ink-jet imaging, why it's become so popular, and how to plan for your next job.

"Polybagging—A Versatile and Cost-Effective Option for Direct Marketers" - The basics of polybagging, why it's a great option for direct marketers, types of film available, and how to plan for your next job.

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