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Cover Layout

  • Keep the grain direction parallel to the spine.

  • On thin books, avoid using cover stock thicker than 10pts.

  • Ink, Varnish and all other coatings should not be in the spine or hinge areas inside the cover.

  • Allow at least 3/16" more than the untrimmed signature size at the foot for a "glue trap".


Text Layout

  • 1/8" grind-off margin is standard.

  • If Bindagraphics is folding the project, call for imposition advice.

  • Head, foot, and face trims should be uniform and at least 1/8" but no more than 1/2".

  • Avoid two-pagers as the first or last signature. If this situation is unavoidable, the thicker the stock the better.

  • Pack signatures high folio up on skids. Brick pack and do not crisscross in a lift.

  • Light signatures (4,6, or 8 pagers) should be imposed to be adjacent to heavier signatures.

Perfect Adhesive Binding
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