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  • Each signature should have a consistent lip or lap - ideally 3/8" high folio lip (1/4" to 5/8" is OK).

  • When stitching accordion folded, gatefolded, or 6 page foldouts, glue tacking is sometimes needed in the folding process to keep forms from unraveling. Your layout should include a minimum of 3/8" (ideally 1/2") trim area so that the glue will be completely removed by the trimming process.

  • When refolding jobs against the backbone, position the stitches so that they do not overlap each other after folding. This will help prevent the stitches from stressing the paper and possibly ripping out.

  • When folding against the backbone, stress on the internal and external pages increase with product thickness, which results in more wrinkling, push out, gusseting, and possible tearing of the backbone.

Saddle Stitching
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